Trio Falso Baiano

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Dec 2016
Thank you to everyone who donated to the Kickstarter campaign! We made our goal thanks to you, and we’ve been busy in the studio tracking for the new album! We’re shooting for a June 2017 release. Stay tuned..

June 2016
Please check out our Kickstarter campaign and help us make our third album. The deadline to get involved is June 23, 2016. We would really appreciate your assistance bringing this music to life!

March 15, 2015
We've just been informed that our show at Duende-Oakland on April 3rd has been canceled by the venue due to issues beyond the control of the venue.
Apologies for any inconvenience and disappointment. Please stay tuned for future shows.
The next scheduled show is April 14 at The Hall-San Francisco, featuring special guests Almir Cortes and Harvey Wainapel.

March 2015
It's been a while since we've done an update. Shame on us! First off, a big thank you to the wonderful fans who came out in numbers to our last show at Oakland's Sound Room. You sold it out, and apologies to those who were turned away. On that note, our next show is at Duende - also in Oakland. Advance tickets are for sale, and we recommend purchasing yours in advance. In other news, we continue to work on the upcoming album, and have a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in the works. We'll be shooting video for that soon, and you can expect updates in the near future. See you soon! ~G.F.B.

Sept 17, 2013
Hi all - we're excited to say we've begun recording our 3rd album. We had a great session in studio with Brazilian vocal star Moyseis Marques, who will be featured on 3 songs. It's a long journey to make a CD, and we'll be reaching out to you, our fans, regarding a crowd funding campaign in the upcoming months. We hope you'll participate in the making of the record with a financial contribution. We're also a featured band in the 1st annual Choro Festival at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley CA! Included in the lineup with us are Berkeley Choro Ensemble, Choro de Ouro, mandolinist/guitarist Almir Côrtes, and there will be workshops and more! Visit the Calendar page for more info!

Sept 9, 2012
Hello friends - we're writing toannounce that our semi-monthly "Roda de Choro" jam session will be on hiatus till further notice. Thank you very much to all who came and made it a nice choro community hang. And a special thanks to the wonderful staff at Casa de Cultura. After many months, we've decided that we need a break, as Falso Baiano has just a few shows on the books this month, and afterward, we'll be turning inward as we develop new repertoire, compositions and such, taking a break from public performances. We hope those that have found the excitement of choro through these rodas will reach out to others and keep finding places and times to get together and play. Até proximal vez!

Dec 23rd, 2011
We're excited to say we've our recent album "Simplicidade: Live at Yoshi's" has been nominated as a Brazilian Jazz Album of the Year by The Latin Jazz Corner. Also, our guitarist Brian Moran was nominated as Latin Jazz Guitarist of The Year for his work on the album.
Jan 2012 is going to be great start to the year. We'll be doing a concert at The JazzSchool on Jan 6, followed by a workshop on Jan 8. And on Jan 16 we'll be doing a double bill with Jackie Rago's VNote Ensemble at Yoshi's SF. Please check the Calendar page for details. Happy Holidays everyone, and best wishes for peace, prosperity and happiness in 2012.

Sept 25th, 2011
Falso Baiano will be featured on NPR…tonight! Peabody award winning journalist Reese Erlich sat down with us and a few of our choro musician friends, (Harvey Wainapel, Carlos Oliveira, etc) to discuss the choro scene in the Bay Area. The piece will air on Latino USA, and in Oct on The California Report. In the Bay Area, this airs on KQED 88.5FM, though it will appear elsewhere as well. Check local listings.
We've been busy lately with a run of shows in support of the release of our new CD "Simplicidade: Live at Yoshi's". Currently we're taking a much needed break, but stay on the lookout for upcoming shows.

Feb 17, 2011
We're in the process of mixing our new CD! This summer we'll be releasing a live CD from our 2010 show at Yoshi's, in Oakland CA, featuring special guest Jovino Santos Neto on piano and accordion. The audio sounds great, thanks to a stellar job by engineer Michael Winger.
We're also excited to announce that we're hosting a bi-weekly "roda de choro" at Casa Cultura in Berkeley CA. A roda is basically a jam session where traditionally, choro musicians sit around a table, facing each other, and play choro songs, while eating and drinking, into the wee hours of the night. The roda happens every 1st and 3rd Sun from 3 - 5pm. We've got the music, the food and the drink..the "wee hours" part is going to be a little tricky though...

Aug 16th, 2010
It's been an exciting and busy year for us. Many thank you's are in order to everyone who came out to see some great Falso Baiano shows this year. Among them were our second show at Yoshi's (feat. special guest Jovino Santos Neto), San Jose Jazz Fest, La Pena and People in Plazas.
There are some great shows coming up, so stay tuned, and we have another CD in the works, so you can expect another release from GFB!

Aug 3rd, 2009:
A big thank you is in order to everyone who came out to Yoshi's in Oakland to see our show on July 14th. As those of you who came out already know, the place was packed! We are excited to return to Yoshi's, and if you were there, you probably saw the camera crew from Pandora Live shooting the concert. When the video from the show is published, we'll provide a link.
We have some great shows lined up for Aug, so check the Calendar page for details.

May 19th, 2009:
We have some great gigs coming up. Please check the Calendar page for details, but in the next couple months we have gigs at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival - where we'll be trading sets with Trio de Paz, Toninho Horta, Airto, Leny Andrade and more!! - as well as shows in L.A., Big Sur, and Santa Barbara, and we'll be making our debut at Yoshi's in Oakland, CA in July. If you're a fan of the band, that's a show not to be missed!
Stay tuned for more details...
March 5th, 2009:
If you've been to the site before, we have some great new things you'll want to check out! Grupo Falso Baiano has been very busy lately with performances and radio appearances, and we've recorded most of the live radio performances we've done. You can check them out on the Music page. We recently were the featured band on West Coast Live; a program that broadcasts in 15 states and on over 80 stations. The interview and performance can be heard on the Music page.
We'll also be appearing in Los Angeles on June 6th at the L.A. County Museum of Arts. It's a free concert, part of the Latin Jazz series, so be sure to come out if you can.

Dec 31st, 2008:
As 2008 comes to a close, we're happy to say that it's been a busy and fruitful year for G.F.B.
We have released our album Viajando: Choro e Jazz, have developed a wonderful side project of "roots samba" music featuring Brazilian vocalist Ana Carbatti, have had many memorable shows in cites throughout California and have made many new friends and fans along the way. We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, especially our fans. Your continuous support and enthusiastic response to our work makes all thing possible for us.
There are many things brewing for us in 2009, so you can expect shows at new venues and in new places, as well as many of the places we've called home over the years.
Happy New Year everybody!!

Aug 20, 2008:
We are excited to announce that our CD will be available for sale in the first week of Sept, 2008. You will be able to buy pre-distribution copies right here on the website, and in 2009 it will be available on iTunes and other major E-retailers. The CD features guest spots by Jovino Santos Neto, Mike Marshall, Michael Spiro, Jorge Alabe, and Eva Scow, and was produced by Michael Spiro. After almost a year and a half of working on it, we are very proud to release our first full length studio recording entitled "Viajando: Choro e Jazz".
The debut recording "Live at the Hillside Club" is also available for purchase.
Also, we will be touring in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area in support of the CD release, so check the Calendar page for details.

April 12, 2008:
We are wrapping up the mixing process of our upcoming CD and are expecting a late summer release. You will be able to buy the music on iTunes, CD Baby, and through other online outlets, as well as at our shows. Stay tuned for details!
In other news, our mandolinist Jesse Appelman is living in Rio for the next 5 months. Parabens cara! Jesse should be back in time for the CD release.
We also have some shows coming up with a different line up! We are excited to welcome guitarist Ricardo Peixoto to Falso Baiano for a couple shows. You may know Ricardo from his work with vocalist Claudia Villela. For our Healdsburg show, the line up will include Brian Moran on mandolin, cavaquinho and guitar, Ricardo on guitar, Ami Molinelli, percussion and special guest Dominque Gagne on flute. Zack Pitt-Smith will join that line up Sun April 20th at Anna's Jazz Island. We hope to see you out there!

April 17, 2007:
It's official: Trio Falso Baiano is now Grupo Falso Baiano! We are well on our way to recording our first full length studio CD. While a release date has not been set, you can expect an exciting and diverse recording, with special guests, new tunes, and some wild arrangements.
Thanks to everyone who came out on April 15 to Anna's in Berkeley for our show. Some of the tunes we played will no doubt be on the CD.
Also, we have pressed a short run of CDs entitled Grupo Falso Baiano: Live at The Hillside Club, which for now, you can purchase at our shows. The CD features 11 tunes from our Oct 6 performance at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, CA.
New Year's Eve! We're excited to announce that we'll be playing at Firefly Restaurant for N.Y.E. 2006, and Valentine's Day 2007. Check out the Calendar page for details.

Also, we have set the wheels in motion to record our first full length CD, a process we hope to be wrapping up by fall 2007, so expect an announcement when the final product is ready.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we'd like to announce the newest member of the group: Mandolinist Jesse Appleman! Jesse is featured on the Music page, and has been playing with us for a few months now. Clearly, the name Trio Falso Baiano will require a change - stay tuned!

Dec 12, 2006:
Photos are here! Check out the Photos page.

New Year's Eve! We're excited to announce that we'll be playing at Firefly Restaurant for N.Y.E. 2006, and Valentine's Day 2007. Check out the Calendar page for details.

Oct 21, 2006:
First, a big "thank you!" to everyone who came out to see Falso Baiano on Oct 6 at the Hillside Club, in Berkeley, CA. Our devoted fans made it a great show! Of course we couldn't have done it without the musical contributions of mandolinist, Jesse Appelman, and percussionists Brian Rice and Claudio Bebianno. If you missed it you can read more on the Press page of our site.

Second, we've added a couple features to the site, including an easy way to join the mailing list, so please leave your email address if you'd like to receive concert announcements, etc from us.