Trio Falso Baiano


Other Projects

Our Friends

  • Jason Ennis, Massachussetts based guitarist
  • Rebecca Kleinmann, Californian flautist
  • Ted Falcon, Californian bandolim/violin player
  • Alessandro Penezzi, guitar virtuoso, friend and teacher of G.F.B. guitarist Brian Moran, and founding member of Grupo Choro Rasgado
  • Choro Rasgado featuring guitarists Alessandro Penezzi and Ze Barbeiro, percussionist Roberta Valenta, and flautist Rodrigo Y Castro
  • O Violao de 7 Cordas author Marco Bertaglia
  • - San Francisco Brazilian Music List - concert listings, happenings, etc
  • - info on all thing Pandeiro - a drum unique to Brasil, essential for choro, and a specialty of the group's percussionist, Ami Molinelli, who is featured in the International Spotlight section. Pandeiros for sale too.
  • Lineu Bravo, Brasilian luthier, who has made 7 string guitars for Brian as well as a host of famous Brasilian guitarists: Guinga, Mauricio Carrilho, Marcus Tardelli, Alessandro Penezzi, and many more